Orlando – Who Knew?

Like many business travelers (especially those of us that do lots of trade shows and conferences), I end up in Orlando a lot!  I’ve always kind of thought of the area as a cultural wilderness (lots of chain restaurants and Disney-themed and other touristy shops) So last time I was there, I thought that I’d do something different and I headed into downtown Orlando. What a great surprise! I found several terrific one-of-a-kind restaurants and shops, I got a taste of the local nightlife and actually made my way back over one afternoon to the quaint neighborhood of  South Eola. This historic downtown neighborhood was a complete surprise to me with cobblestone streets (historical – not Disney-made), large shade trees dripping with Spanish Moss and bungalow homes. The best part of the neighborhood was Lake Eola Park where a fantastic Farmer’s Market was underway, with locals gathered to do yoga in the large lawn, and swans swimming in the lovely lake. The lake, which is encircled by a .9 mile walking path included,  some small gardens, a swan boat rental dock, and several sculptures.
You’d better believe that the next time I’m in Orlando for a conference or convention and I find myself with a little extra time, I’ll be heading downtown to visit Lake Eola Park.

Faves:Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola Park
Area – Lake Eola Park

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