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Star Tribune

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During this time, we look forward to our next travel adventure. In the meantime, invite Susan to speak and give an interactive presentation of travel adventures. Her talks can be virtual or in person at your next event. She has presented travelogues on:
Magical Marrakech by Susan Brauer
Marrakech, Morocco

Magical Marrakech

Founded in the year 1070, Marrakech was the first of Morocco’s four imperial cities. The clay used for many of its buildings and ramparts has earned it the name “The Red City.”

Today, Marrakech is made up of two distinct districts: The medieval walled quarter known as the medina, steeped in rich history, and named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the modern “new city” (Guéliz district) which has sprawled outside the ancient walls.

Come and wander the narrow streets and alley-ways of the historic medina, experience the “carnival” that unfolds in its main square every night as the sun sets, and feast your eyes on the ornate architecture, colorful textiles, spice markets, and gardens, as we explore this remarkable city in Northern Africa.

Machu Picchu by Susan Brauer
Machu Picchu

Journey to Machu Picchu

Built in the mid-1400’s and occupied for only about 100 years, Machu Picchu was never found by the Spanish in their conquest of the Incan Empire in the 1500’s. It then simply “disappeared” until 1911 when, with the guidance of local farmers, it was discovered by explorer Hiram Bingham. Join Susan Brauer as she shares her journey through the towns, farms, and markets of the Sacred Valley. Then board the train to Aguas Calientes at the base of the mountain, and finally, ascend to the summit to walk in the clouds among the temples, sanctuaries, and terraces that make up beautiful and astonishing Machu Picchu.

Cotswolds, England

England’s Charming Countryside: The Cotswolds

The countryside area of South Central England, known as the Cotswolds, is renowned for its small market towns, winding lanes, and honey-colored stone cottages. Designated an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,” the hilly, remarkably green landscape, picturesque villages, and many English gardens that burst with color in the summertime give the area the feeling of a beautiful watercolor in a storybook come to life.

Join Susan Brauer as she shares her journey through the charming towns, farms, gardens, and markets of the enchanting English region known as the Cotswolds.

Bio: Susan Brauer is a freelance writer and speaker living in Minneapolis, MN. She is an avid traveler, excited to explore new places in both the US and internationally. Her favorite place to travel is wherever she’s going next. Susan is a member of the International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance (ITWPA)