Sweet Carmel Corn

Garrett Popcorn Shop – I can almost smell the carmel corn just sitting here thinking about it. Garrett’s makes small batches all day long – so whenever you stop by, you always get fresh, hot, gooey carmel corn. There’s nothing quite like it – It’s (one of) my guilty pleasures when I’m in Chicago. It’s delicious when it’s hot, but it’s great when it cools down too. It’s definitely worth getting out of your hotel room for – your e-mail will still be there when you get back!

There are several shops throughout the city (http://www.garrettpopcorn.com/) – but I like the one on Randolph near the State Street shopping area anchored by Macy’s (formerly Marshall Fields) and Carson Pirie Scott which makes the area a destination all its own. Garrett’s carmel corn is just an added bonus.

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Susan Brauer

Welcome fellow Road Warriors! Like many of you, I travel for work -- A lot! But believe it or not, I actually pretty much love it. I've become a bona fide business travel tourist by finding quick things to do when I find myself with the bits of free time that we business travelers sometimes get (i.e. after meetings and before dinner.) especially if I'm in a great city like Chicago, NY or San Francisco. Because we never have much time, this blog is all about quick, easy, inexpensive/free things to do in some of the cities I travel to along with recommendations for restaurants that are great for meals with colleagues, but also perfectly comfortable for solo dining. So maybe next time you find that you have a few minutes to yourself on a business trip, before you just automatically head for your hotel room, barricade yourself in with your computer and cell phone and order room service, you'll be inspired to become a business travel tourist and start loving your business travel too. Feel free to comment on any of my posts and let me and other readers know if you have tips, or recommendations. Happy Travels!

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